Frequently asked questions regarding procurement at Bilfinger SE

Why does Bilfinger use a supplier portal?

Bilfinger intends to compile and professionalise all important information regarding its business partners in one centralised databank, both now and in the future. The advantage for you is that all the companies of the Bilfinger Group will have equal access to your company information at all times and in a uniform way. In other words, you and your palette of products and services will have a permanent online presence, while the corresponding process expense is kept to a minimum for both sides. Thanks to the supplier portal, we can centrally administer the complete spectrum of products and services offered by all of our suppliers while staying in close and constant touch with our partners. Since 2013, the supplier portal has been accessible to our business partners on an exclusive basis via the Bilfinger website.

Does every supplier have to register on the Bilfinger supplier portal?

Yes, a one-time registration by your company is necessary because in the future, each selection of tenders, each contract award, payment disbursement and verification of the documentation that suppliers are to provide will be performed entirely via the supplier portal. Your company welcomes the opportunity to participate in the calls for tender? Then this will require that you be registered with the supplier portal.

There are two ways in which you can access the functions of Bilfinger’s supplier portal:
1) If you have not yet have received log-in data for the supplier portal, please register by using the supplier registration form available at Alternatively, please navigate to the menu item “Become a supplier” and then select “Registration.”

2) If you have already received your log-in data for the supplier portal, simply log in with your personal data under Or go to the menu item “Become a supplier” and select “Portal.”

How can suppliers grow their business with Bilfinger?

Maintaining a mutually supportive partnership with our suppliers is of prime importance to us. Thus, we regard you and the products or services you provide as valuable assets to be maintained with care. So as to make the partnership as attractive as possible for both sides, we offer our suppliers long-term contractual commitments, an intensive exchange of expertise and information, as well as optimal remuneration.

How can we take part in calls for tender?

Quality, reliability, effective logistics, and an optimal price/value ratio are key selling points for any successful tender. In order to detail your company’s strengths in this regard, you will first need to register with our supplier portal. After all, this is where the purchasers throughout the Bilfinger Group will find all key data regarding your company, your products, and your services. So please be sure that the data on file in the portal for your company is always accurate and up-to-date – this is another key prerequisite for your participation in the call for tender. Please also be sure to keep your contact persons informed about any relevant changes and stay in touch to raise awareness about your company. An ongoing exchange of information and expertise between Bilfinger and its suppliers also plays a key role in this context. 

I tried registering with the Bilfinger supplier portal but received an error message “Non-supported browser.” How can I solve this problem?

If you receive this error message, this means you are trying to access the Bilfinger supplier portal with a version of Internet Explorer that is not supported by our application. In this case, just activate the “Compatibility view” function in your web browser and you should be able to use the Bilfinger supplier portal without any problem. Please note that the way you activate the “Compatibility view” function will differ depending upon the specific web browser you are using. Below are some links to instructions for the (two) most commonly used versions of Internet Explorer. Please follow the instructions for your version and correspondingly change the settings:

Once you have activated the compatibility view, you should be able to use the Bilfinger supplier portal without difficulty. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at: corporate.procurement*Please remove text between *, this is a spam protection*

Our company is already registered with the Bilfinger supplier portal. Unfortunately, I do not know or no longer remember my log-in data. How can I log in again?

Just go to the “Forgot my password” function on the log-in page of the Bilfinger supplier portal. Type your email address into the appropriate field. You will promptly receive an email from us with new log-in data allowing you to access the Bilfinger Supplier Portal.

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