Sustainability reporting

Sustainability is a key component of our corporate strategy. With our services, we make a significant contribution to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We increase the efficiency of plants, reduce emissions and enhance efficiency in the process industry.

We have been reporting on our sustainability activities on an annual basis since 2011. In addition, we issue a declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code every year and prepare a progress report as part of our membership in the UN Global Compact.

Non-financial report 2019

Reports from previous years


Our business model consists primarily of services provided by our employees or by subcontractors. We therefore require a much more limited amount of energy and water compared to manufacturing companies, for example, and produce only small amounts of emissions and waste. We consume energy and water especially to supply the properties we use.  Waste is generally office waste. CO2 emissions that are attributable to us result almost exclusively from the energy consumption of real estate, fuel consumed in the operation of our vehicle fleet and generated by our business trips.

We have been collecting environmental data at the level of our operating subsidiaries for some time. Because environmental indicators are now increasingly demanded and expected by our stakeholders, we are currently developing a concept for reporting on environmental performance indicators Group-wide. Our objective is to report validated Group-wide data regularly and comprehensively in the future, particularly when it comes to our energy requirements and the emissions we cause.

Donations and sponsoring

The allocation of donations and the agreement of sponsoring activities as well as their approval processes are regulated in a binding manner with the help of our "Corporate Directive on Donations and Sponsoring".

We undertake donation and sponsoring activities exclusively in the areas of education and training, culture and society as well as sports promotion. A requirement for approval is that each of these activities is in line with the Bilfinger Compliance Policies.

We do not make donations, sponsoring activities or other contributions to political organizations, public officials, individuals or customers. Financial contributions granted within the scope of donations or sponsoring activities are neither paid to a private bank account nor handed over in cash.


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UN Global Compact



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